Float pic
Our team ready for the Apple Blossom Grand Feature Parade 2024!
Kaiser Event

Part of our team outside at a Kaiser Permanente Medicare Plan presentation where we learned about their newest products and what they have to offer.

Topgolf Group Image copy
Part of our team at Topgolf for a Medicare Plan presentation presented by Anthem Health keepers for the 2024 Annual Enrollment Period year. 
wine fest group
Some of our team at the Apple Blossom Wine Fest 2024!
Community Event Pic-1
A family walking away with our bags at a Community event for the Kevin Riley Foundation.
Sherando Golf Event copy-2
The Shenandoah High School Golf Tournament raising money to support their football team.

Our Local Team

Paul Minichino

This is your go-to for anything team building, client-related, product questions, & case design. Senior life advisor with the ability to answer any question. 

Sam Minichino
With a wealth of knowledge in property and vehicle coverage, Sam combines expertise with personalized service, ensuring clients receive tailored options that fit their unique needs. 
Zack Porter
Possessing a profound understanding of intricate challenges, Zack adeptly navigates complex problem spaces with a strategic blend of insight and innovation.
Christina Gutilla
Christina employs a blend of creativity and passion to enhance brand awareness and fortify the local presence. She crafts memorable experiences that resonate with the audience. 
Will Roux

Will Roux is reshaping the industry landscape with unparalleled determination. In a short span, Will has exhibited a remarkable ability to navigate complexities and deliver exceptional results.

Paige Mallow
Paige Mallow plays a crucial role in assisting clients with a thoughtful and detail-oriented approach. Paige ensures clients receive the guidance they need.
Joe Carey

Joe Carey is synonymous with an unparalleled work ethic that surpasses all expectations. His ability to work harder than anybody else in the room is nothing short of remarkable. 

Liz Dove
Liz wears two hats as both a Solutions Support specialist and a Medicare agent, bringing a unique blend of expertise and versatility to her role. Liz's dedication to exceptional service shines through.
Paul Vanthof

Paul is an influential leader who leads by example with exceptional finesse, setting him apart. Paul not only leads by example but fosters an environment that empowers others to reach their fullest potential.

Aaron Gagnon

Aaron is a new superstar on the rise! Being the top producer in 2023, Aaron is extremely skilled and effortlessly translates his knowledge into tangible results.

Barnabas McFarland

Barnabas's work ethic and innovative spirit create a dynamic synergy that not only propels projects forward but inspires those around him to reach new heights of excellence.

Kyle Stover
As a new life and Medicare agent, Kyle Stover brings a fresh perspective and dedication to personalized service. He is committed to navigating clients through insurance complexities.